NEVA Solutions

NEVA Solutions

NEVA is a leading international education specialist firm, committed to improving the education industry through the institutionalization of best practices, strengthening of global networks and supporting all strata of educational institutions by connecting the relevant stakeholders within the industry – international education institutions, student recruitment agents, and relevant service providers; improving on existing standards and on how knowledge is disseminated to students; and growing these institutions with focused based solutions.


Having Challenges? We have the right educational solutions for you
Our solutions provide professional development, accreditation, training, and tailored services in marketing, business development, and other areas to stakeholders in the international education sector across the GCC.


With a network of international education professionals around the world, we leverage the best hands in the industry to bring to bear concrete solutions that work. From advertising, video, digital, partnerships, alumni engagement to direct recruitment, NEVA has the right solution for you.

It’s time to adopt a strategy that works. Partner with NEVA to develop tools and plans that can help you build a stronger education brand.

We provide high-quality SAT prep services and have been helping students raise their SAT scores to many highly reputable universities since 2013. We also provide college counselling to students seeking admission to universities in the USA and beyond.

Neva’s accreditation solutions enables school to demonstrate a commitment to high quality international education, as well as ensuring that schools are continually improving and keeping up with the best…

Because teachers know firsthand what is needed to improve student learning, promoting and supporting teacher leadership are crucial to the success of any education reform effort. Teachers, as leaders need…